• Lunar Landing Table

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    “The Eagle has Landed….” Rarely have words captivated an entire nation like those did. Every man, woman, and child were fixated to their television to see those brave men take a step that no American had ever taken. This one of a kind table evokes memories of that historic day. We start with a Heat Diffuser that has seen over 28,000 cycles, and many millions of miles in the air, probably circling the globe like those men of Apollo 11 did. We then add a Riser from an engine assembly, and finish it off with a powered bladed out disc that was anĀ internalĀ part of a 737 jet engine. LED lighting illuminates the Heat Diffuser’s base, thereby creating the look of rocket thrust. Every nut and bolt on this piece has been salvaged from aircraft components, making the total aviation parts used on this piece 24. At over $500,000 in retail cost, this truly is a piece of art.